Witch's Rock

Witch’s Rock houses the ancient lighthouse built by the men and women of the First Ships. This magnificent lighthouse is five hundred feet tall, built atop the highest point of the mountain called Witch’s Rock. Recently, the lighthouse begun glowing again, with an unearthly flame shifting in color.

The rest of the island is rocky and uneven, with many natural harbors and crevices where pirates have built forts, established coves and founded small villages. Physically, the island is the second smallest, after Starfall.

People of Witch’s Rock include:

Zarohno, the black powder merchant who crossed the dwarves and was driven out. Has a neatly waxed black mustache and flowing black locks.
Kahlia, his daughter, a curly-haired girl of nineteen, eager for adventure.
Giordo, Zarohno’s most skilled wilderness expert, a bent-backed and ugly fellow with a workman’s accent.
Lombardo, Zarohno’s rival, a craven merchant nicknamed “Lombardo the Green”, who’s only recently turned to piracy.
Hadari, Lombardo’s captain, a swashbuckler woman with a scimitar and a lack of courage.
Kendrick, a bard, previously in Lombardo’s employ. Flamboyantly dressed, knows Lorelei from her time in Mother-of-Pearl.
Silas, a tough and simple-minded ranger, who commands great loyalty from the thugs of the island.

Witch's Rock

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