The Nine Vilyani Islands

The nine islands of the Vilyani Archipelago, east of the Pirate Kingdoms. It is here you come, in search of a lost friend, somewhere among the foreboding islands of the eastern sea…

Waikiti’s Eye, with its strange sorcerous giants and powerful magical crystals.

The Cauldron, ancient and savage, home to volcanoes and cryptic beasts long forgotten.

Witch’s Rock, an ancient lightouse atop a steep mountain, now home to pirates and outlaws.

Crescent Dream, whose fey inhabitants lure mortals to unknown fates.

Blackdrum, whose fierce natives trust no-one to enter their sacred ruins.

Dynasty, the cursed island, full of ancient statues and standing-stones, where the dead walk.

Dragon’s Garden, an oceanic breadbasket whose superstitious natives worship the trees.

Trackless, a muddy, rocky island beset by strange storms and freak events.

Starfall, a college of witches built atop a fallen star, inscribed with maddening glyphs.

The Nine Vilyani Islands

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