Races of the East

Of Men

East is the origin of Men; they came to these shores on their great ships in the days long before the Alkerathi Empire, in the days when the dwarves still knew the old tunnels, in the days when the elves were still at war with their kin. As such, the race of Men dominates the eastern coast, well-established there. The rise of the Second Empire bothers them little, and their ways are different. The Eastern Men possess the same traits as the westerners, and speak the Common Tongue though in an accent strange to those of the West.

Some of the race of Men are born imbued with the Divine Blood. These are the sylphs, the oreads, the undines and their ilk, who have a touch of elemental blood. Most Men view this as a sign of divine heritage, a touch of the Old Gods, but that matters little unless the god-blooded is actually Chosen as an Oracle; those whom the gods do not touch receive the same respect as a penniless nobleman, worthy by virtue of heritage, but little else.

Of Elves

In the West, it is known that there are two races of elves: The High Elves of Cloudspire, and the Wood Elves of the Greenwood. Among Easterlings, there are three, of which only one is ever seen. The Snow Elves of the North are enigmatic and unreachable, dwelling in strange monasteries in the forbidding tundras, and the Sun Elves of the South similarly make refuge deep in the scorching deserts. Only the Sea Elves trade with the other folk, their skin tinged blue or green by their affinity to the ocean. Sea Elves are masters of shipbuilding, traversing the waves in great vessels of wood and glass; they know the secrets of the dervish-dance and the magics of weather-calling. Frequently, they are believed to be lucky, and they are much admired by the common folk. Their home is in the North, in Gulltown, but they are spread all across the eastern shores.

Of Dwarves

Few dwarves live on the eastern coast. Those who do are almost always exiles and criminals, sent out from the Silver Kingdom. The most prominent dwarven family is House Kogan of Exile. Dwarves not related to this family, or some other exiled and forgotten clan, are a rarity indeed – especially at sea.

Of Halflings

Halflings dwell in the shadow of the Silver Kingdom to the south. Here, in the hilly lands, they make their pastoral homes stretching from the foothills of the dwarves and all the way down into the desert, whose heat they resist by making burrows and holes which are comfortable and inviting. Like meerkats they dot the sands, and in the humid jungles of the coast they also hide. Considered queer and exotic folk by most, halflings are unquestioned masters of the wilderness in the East, and have far more of a reputation as hunters and outriders than as thieves.

Of Gnomes

Gnomes travel everywhere. In the East, they are as rare and different as in the West.

Of Orcs

Orcs, goblins, and the other green-skinned races are a rarity in the East, far from their homelands deep beyond the Hag Fens. They are considered curiosities and monsters, and so are any of their half-human spawn.

Of Other Races

Other races exist in the East. Trap-infested kobold ships ply unknown waters at random, seeking their draconic ancestry. The enigmatic Olowalu of Waikiti’s Eye are sometimes seen on the shores, wise giants standing nine feet tall or more. Primitive lizardfolk dwell in unknown corners, and the merfolk ply their arts on hapless sailors, at constant war with the locatah and sahuagin whose cyclopean underwater cities have rarely been seen by a land-dweller.

Races of the East

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