Dragon's Garden

The lush, fertile island of Dragon’s Garden overflows with life, and the natives here live healthy lives, stuffing themselves with breadfruit, coconuts, yams and other delicacies delivered by the thick jungles. However, the island holds a strange secret: Its vegetation is literally alive, controlled by a hive mind.

At some point in the past, the island rose up from the sea, and the hive mind adapted. Its primitive deep-sea organisms transformed into monstrous alien plants, with a kind of semi-sentience of their own. Crawling moss octopodes, sickeningly sweet anemone-lilies that tower over a man, and shapeless jellyfish-like clumps of vines move across the island.

Lorelei of the Sea has gazed into the eye of the hive mind, and has concluded it can be nothing less than the sliver of the soul of some incredibly powerful creature – confirmed by the oracle Localth to be a dragon. At the center of the island stands its ancient coral temple, but the island was ripped from the depths by the machinations of some other dragon, and the coral is long dead. A magical pool still allows the locathah to commune with the dragon, whose name is Iggurath.

People of Dragon’s Garden include:

Bongri, the plump and jovial alderman
Belesa, his adventurous daughter
Tyana, the dancer, who knows how to appease the plants with her sinuous movements
Tlocleh, the locathah whom Shale rescued
Localth, the oracle at the coral palace

Dragon's Garden

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