The crew of the King’s Tithe.


Serander the Fallen, wayward and lost Knight of the Waves, dry and sarcastic and unbending in his duties. Blond and handsome, scars across his arms from the jagged side of a cliff. Formerly a knight of some Inland Kingdom, lured by the sea to a fate forever changed, he was spared a shipwreck that killed those he had sworn to protect. Serander’s blade is still in fine condition, and he is slowly learning the way of the ocean, even learning to love the harsh, uncaring mistress that took his life away.

(Serander is a 4th-level human Cavalier.)


Lovinar the Black, cannoneer of the Black Shores, a small and skinny woman obsessed with bombs and firearms. Lopsided hair like a plume of flames bound in grime-stained cloth, her face stained with coal-dust and her teeth with tobacco. Lovinar’s musket is her eternal companion, but she’s proficient with all things that explode. Her grim smile at the lighting of a fuse terrifies most.

(Lovinar is a 4th-level human Alchemist focusing on bombs and firearms.)


Bardo Braivuri, belligerent bruiser, bravo of battles! Bardo Braivuri, strongman and sailor, wrestler and knave! Bardo, whose rippling muscles invite envy and mad passion, whose handsome whiskered face is lusted after by men and women alike! Bardo! A fearless adventurer and spinner of tall tales, destroyer of beasts, conqueror of countries, buccaneer of bedrooms! In all the seas, there is none like Bardo Braivuri!

(Bardo is a 4th-level human Brawler. He is also the ship’s cook.)


Uno is a fierce and skilled sailor, whose bravery has grown after a toe-to-toe battle with a sahuagin warrior. Square-faced and curly-haired, Uno is a no-nonsense man who distrusts magic, and witches especially.

(Uno is a 1st-level human Swashbuckler, having recently been promoted from Warrior.)


Kahlia is Zarohno’s daughter, and hails from Witch’s Rock. She’s a foolhardy young woman of nineteen years, with curly brown-red hair and plain features. She greatly admires the heroes she’s heard tales of, and has experience with the friendlier Vilyani islands, having lived on Witch’s Rock for around half a decade.

(Kahlia is a 1st-level human Slayer, with expertise in the bow.)


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