Classes of the East

Heroes are a rarity all across Ilatari. The vast majority of people, whether Western or Eastern, see adventurers rarely in their lifetimes. But certain types of adventurers proliferate more in the East than in the West. The following is a listing of what kind of heroes one can expect to encounter east of the Silver Kingdom.

Common Classes

Gunslinger, Swashbuckler, Oracle, Witch – practiced everywhere.

Uncommon Classes

Alchemist, Summoner, Cavalier, Magus – practiced mostly along the Inland Kingdoms.

Slayer, Hunter, Shaman, Skald – practiced mostly in savage and untamed parts of the East, the far North and South.

Ninja, Brawler, Bard – practiced mostly in the Pirate Kingdoms, taught only in certain places

Rare Classes

Fighter, Arcanist – exist in cliques of special schools, jealously guarding their exotic secrets.

Sorcerer – born occasionally in the East, though most people with a magical lineage become Oracles instead. Easterners say this is because the Old Gods of the East do not answer prayers – they bless whom they will.

Rogue, Druid, Barbarian – Rare, self-taught individuals with little structure or society. No formal recognition of these classes exists, and most people don’t have a word for them beyond “thief” or “fierce savage”.

Unknown Classes

All other classes are virtually unknown in the East, being less quantifiable and more mysterious. In particular, clerics inquisitors, warpriests, and paladins are seen as strange worshipers of the Western Gods, and frequently misunderstood. Monks and wizards follow orders and schools that have failed to establish a presence in the East, so they are only encountered as rare wanderers.

Classes of the East

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