Memories from the past 1

The black name day

Lorelei looked at Tamaris as they entered the banquet hall side by side. Tamaris was radiant, as always. Long black hair, exceptionally beautiful, a black silk dress that showed off her alluring figure in the best possible way. Tamaris, the most beautiful and powerful witch on the pirate coast, glanced at her and smiled. And Lorelei smiled back. The nobleman (Lorelei could not recall his name) had angered Tamaris, a slight one might call it, and now he was going to pay the price. Whatever Tamaris had planned it was sure to be exceptional, it always was.

Lorelei’s heart was pounding with expectation as Tamaris stepped into the hall and gave a short speech. The words were irrelevant, only the expressions on the nobleman’s face as he listened and realised the extent of their error mattered. Lorelei met the gaze of the nobleman’s wife with a mocking smile. The woman was terrified and tried to plead for mercy.

Then Tamaris cast an enchantment spell that Lorelei was getting quite familiar with. Oh, but the results were more spectacular than usual! The nobleman started raving and shouting at his family, then drew his sword and started cutting them down. His wife, his sons, his daughter… Every last one of them. And then he regained his senses and saw what he had done. Tamaris grabbed Lorelei by the arm and laughed (her voice was a soft melodious contralto) as they walked away, listening to the nobleman screaming in horror and agony.


Riklurt Lurvas

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