Adventures of Lorelei of the Sea - part 3

Ambush and a confrontation

While the ninja smuggled Kahlia on board the ship Lorelei was at her usual place at the stern, deliberately staying clear of the execution of their plan. Calling it a plan was a gross exaggeration of course – all Lorelei wanted was to get the girl on board and out of sight long enough that it would be impossible to put her back on the shore. From what she had seen of both Kahlia and Sabine in terms of stealth they should be more than capable of sneaking in without her help. Besides, any means by which Lorelei could aid them would point her out rather conspicuously and Lorelei preferred to let Sabine share the blame while not leaving any solid evidence of their direct insubordination.

Kahlia eluded Serander’s thorough inspection and after a brief deliberation with Lorelei Shale ordered them to set sail for Dragon’s Garden. Halfway there Lorelei became aware of something lurking underneath the waves and a memory from her life among the merfolk flashed before her – sahuagin. She called out to Serander who was standing at the helm, and moments later grappling hooks were shooting out of the water and onto the railing as the creatures started climbing on board.

The fight was short but brutal. Lorelei tried her best but failed to ensnare the sahuagin leader – a large and powerful thing wielding axes. Serander dove straight at the creature, placing himself between it and Lorelei. Soon he was near surrounded by a group of the sahuagin and the leared was landing blow after blow with his axes.

Suddenly Sabine appeared behind the leader, balancing on the railing, and buried her weapon in it’s back. The creature promptly knocked her off the ship and into the water, where a shark attacked her. Lorelei cast a spell to charm the shark and used her powers of the sea to order the shark to deliver the ninja back to the ship, in one piece.

Meanwhile Serander took even more blows and was pushed down to his knees for a moment, coughing blood and looking like he was about to pass out. Then he stood up again. Lorelei cast a necromantic spell and could hear Shale fighting the other sahuagin, but did not pay any attention to him until he jumped up on the helm and executed the sahuagin leader, who had once again been stabbed in the back by Sabine…

The rest of the sahuagin fled. And Lorelei rushed up to heal Serander before turning to look for other injured sailors. She managed to save one man who had been stabbed in the chest with a trident. One man was beyond her help, but the rest had sustained only minor injuries. They had been lucky.

During the fight Kahlia had revealed herself and joined the fight as the captain called out for more men. Now Shale ordered her to be locked up and brought Lorelei, Sabine and Serander to his cabin for a… talk. Sabine confessed immediately – so much for plausible deniability. There was little point in denying so Lorelei admitted her involvement as well. The punishment for dereliction of duty was 28 eight lashes, 7 for each element, and Lorelei was expecting to have to prepare the necessary healing spells. But Shale did not execute the order. He just let them go with a scolding. Strange.

Shale admitted that he had expected betrayal from Lorelei, but claimed to be “disappointed” in the methods she had used. Lorelei did not bother exploring this avenue, whatever expectations the captain had on her scheming abilities were of no interest to her. She once again explained that leaving the girl on Witch’s Rock would have been far more detrimental, both to her and to Shale’s plans for Zarohno, but he clearly didn’t understand. So she showed him. Shale was not phased but at least he seemed more tentative about the abilities of the enemies they were up against.

Later on Lorelei went to have a chat with Kahlia. The girl seemed more scared now, as she ought to be. As she left the holding area Lorelei gave Serander a squeeze on the shoulder, taking comfort in the fact that he had survived the fight against the sahuagin.


Riklurt Lurvas

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