Friends and Enemies

Friends and enemies, some known only to specific characters…


Valeria, the seventh daughter of Fat Queen Bonny, on friendly terms with Lorelei. This skillful witch has a great network of spies, and once owned the ship known as the Scarlet Swan, before it was commandeered by Raegys and Minnys.
Pyter the spy, a dashing fellow serving in Valeria’s spy network.

Tatalya, the fifth daughter of Fat Queen Bonny, a ruthless and cunning witch who has crossed paths with Lorelei before. Currently helms the Argent Eagle.
Captain Hamsun of the Sable Drake, an infamous pirate in Tatalya’s employ.
Raegys, the barbarian, a huge and stupid fellow, a mercenary possessed of feral rage.
Minnys, Raegys’ sister, a cunning slayer and a hunter of men.

Lilith, the second daughter of Fat Queen Bonny, a seductive and alluring witch whose nubile beauty belies her advanced age.

The House of the Spiral Flame

Amrit Saithya, the arcanist who went to investigate Vilyani and set off the current events.
Redaras, a pointy-bearded nervous arcanist from the House of the Spiral Flame, who contacted Malik and gave him the vial of Amrit’s transformed blood.

Friends and Enemies

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