Eastern Names

Human names in the East are somewhat more eclectic than those in the West. While Western names are typically homages to heroes and rulers from the First Empire, including many non-human ones, Eastern names are a hodgepodge of syllables from the ancient human languages.

Masculine names typically end with -o, -as, -os, -on, -an, -r, or -k. Examples: Serander, Bardo, Malik.

Feminine names typically end with -a, -i, -ei, -is, -ys, -in, -yn, -t or -th. Examples: Lilith, Hadari, Lorelei.

Given that these are artifacts of a dead language, though, the rules are not absolute. There are women who have names that the old languages would classify as masculine (Lovinar) and vice versa (Raegys). This is mostly of interest to poets and scholars; the average human has only the vaguest idea of the meaning of his or her name anyway, much less any idea that it violates the grammar of a long-gone tongue.

Eastern Names

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