Character Specific Tall Tales

Captain Malik Shale

Refuge in Audacity (RED card): Crazy stunts that shouldn’t succeed somehow do when you’re involved. At any time when you fail a roll, spend a red card to turn the d20 to the minimum number needed to succeed. Then resolve the action exactly as if you had rolled that result – for example, if it’s a critical threat, roll to confirm a critical hit. If the number needed was not possible to roll at all – for example, you needed 21 on the d20 to succeed – turn the d20 to 20, and then add +1 to the result for each unspent Panache point you have. If this makes the action succeed, immediately double your Panache points.

(Comment: This Tall Tale encourages very difficult actions, since the reward is greater the harder it is to succeed. However, it can be used to turn failure into success on mundane actions, as well, but is much less powerful in such situations.)

Saving Shot (BLACK card): Your bullet flies when your crewmembers need it the most. You may make an immediate ranged attack when you spend this card, irrespective of turn order. The attack occurs before whatever event caused you to spend the card, effectively interrupting it. This attack is mechanically treated as a ranged attack of opportunity. Provided you can at all reach the enemy with a bullet, the Saving Shot is always treated as being in your first range increment, and as such suffers no range penalties and always resolves against touch attack. It can also be used to perform combat maneuvers at no penalty (just as if you had been in melee), but then resolves against CMD as normal.


Drowned In Glory (RED card): Who can oppose the sea? Against your power, all other magic is but a drop in the endless oceans. Spend a red card to instantly dispel all magical effects and end all fear effects on yourself, becoming one with the calm and infinite ocean. Magical effects not subject to Dispel Magic, such as curses, are not affected by this card. Moreover, for one round after activating this effect, you are immune to all magical effects except those cast by yourself. This includes friendly magic such as healing from wands, their benevolent magic drowned in the vastness of your eternal self.

Using this card has no other detrimental effects mechanically, but when you gaze into the endless oceans, it’s bound to make you a little… stranger.

Dread Witch (BLACK card): The witch’s evil eye is more than a myth, but your sheer presence and force of personality can cause the mightiest monster to hesitate and stumble even without magic. When an enemy is about to make a skill or ability check, you may spend a black card to automatically set their result to 1. When an enemy scores a critical threat, you may spend a black card to cause them to automatically fail to confirm it. When an enemy uses an ability with a saving throw DC, you may spend a black card to reduce that DC by five. Finally, whenever you use this Tall Tale, you may intimidate the designated target as a swift action. You must have a line of sight to the designated opponent.

(Comment: Lorelei’s Tall Tales highlight her vast power and intimidating presence as a Witch of the Eastern Sea – but unlike the other PCs, she has no special ability to help or bolster her allies. The Sea cares not for her human companions.)


Yojimbo (RED card): You are Captain Shale’s bodyguard, and sworn to this service by the ancient oaths of Aramshar. When Captain Shale – and only Captain Shale – is subject to an attack within 1 move action of your current location, you may spend a red card to interpose yourself, becoming the new target of the attack and gaining a +4 luck bonus to AC versus this attack only. You may choose whether to use this card before or after the attack is rolled. You may even use this card to redirect effects that require a saving throw to yourself – even if they are area attacks, by shielding the Captain with your body. However, if you use this card after Shale failed his saving throw, you also automatically fail yours.

I Am Gone (BLACK card:) With the impossible speed of a ninja, you disappear. Spend one black card to turn invisible at any time, even outside your turn, possibly in response to an attack. Using I Am Gone does not cost any resources beside the Tall Tale itself.

Character Specific Tall Tales

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