Sabine's Log Part 1

My path opens up again
The Chronicles of the Ninja

In my search for a ship to travel with, I found an old friend, Malik Shale. As fate would have it, he has been promoted to a captain! Malik is an important man to me. He was the man who helped back to my path, and he also spared my life. A man I owe much to, my loyalty, for one. During the christening of the King’s Tithe, an odd name, he was recruited for a mission. It appears we’re off to investigate strange magic. An old friend of his requested his aid. This friend had left a vial of blood, or well it no longer seemed like blood, more like a glowy substance. With little ceremony he christened the ship, and set off not shortly after. We’re bringing a witch along, Lorelai… She’s a witch, so not trusting her goes beyond saying. However, she may very well prove useful. Captain Shale seems to think she’ll remain loyal, while part of the crew, at least.

Thanks to the witches’ magics and my own ability to sense the weather, we made good time towards Watkiti’s Eye, as our first destination. Per my training, I, of course, geared up proper to meet with the giants of the island. The island had an interesting tale about some local caves. But without their blessing, it seemed impossible to gleam much from the caves. We made friendlies, and got some information for free, regarding the Lighthouse on Witch’s Rock, which had started to glow in an odd way. Naturally, my thoughts turned to glowing bottle. We left the giants to make our way to Witch’s Rock. I heard tales of an exiled nobleman living there, I figured he may be of assistance. Captain Shale had heard of this nobleman as well, and agreed.

We arrived with nightfall, and our resident witch spotted movements heading towards the nobleman’s fort. We made our way to intercept them. My dear captain made quite the entrance, but proceeded to impress me with his swashbuckling. Not that he was not already impressive when we met, but credit where credit is due, isn’t that so? We made short work of the soldiers, much thanks to our cannoneer, Lovinar. She literally set them ablaze. It was an immaculate thing to behold… Soothing and yet terrifying at the same time. And thus we met up with Lord Zarohno, the lord of the fort. He provided us with lodging and sustenance. He informed us of the state between himself and the other lord of the island. We also learned of his daughter, who seemed to be off somewhere on the island.

The following morning we set out, with a guide and a few men lent from lord Zarohno. We stopped close to the base of the lighthouse, which was currently guarded by Lombardo’s men. We spotted an individual in a tree not far off. It was likely Kahlia, Zarohno’s daughter. Our witch decided to send her a message, scaring her off her tree branch. Seeing as Zarohno’s allegiance plays a role in captain Shale’s plan, keeping her alive is not only the good thing to do, but also recommended. So I burst down there, to stand at her protection. What proceeded was a clear message why one should not cross a witch. The soldiers screamed out in agony. They ran away, and their leader shortly in tow. We claimed one as a captive, but it quickly became clear that the men here are used to switching sides, and even knew the people we had been lent. We stayed for a bit, investigating the tower, before deciding to visit this lord Lombardo.

We brought Bardo, our big strong chef, with us to visit the lord Lombardo. This lord was staying in a shanty house. We enter, made pleasant conversation, but also make our intentions very clear…


Riklurt Lurvas

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