Sabine's Log Part 2

Sabine's Birthday

Sabine’s Birthday
She taught me well.

The actual fight with the lord was not lengthy. I simply cut down the captain of the troops, while captain Shale slew the lord. Shale also used some sort of magical stone… It seemed to attract projectiles, very handy item. It seemed to have been destroyed, however. Our witch, Lorelai, sensibly, chose to heal the captain, making any further aggression unnecessary. We claimed the shanty house as our own, including all treasures within it. I found a potion labeled as a love potion, perhaps I will find a use for it in the future. I also found some fancy clothes belonging to lord Lombardo… For whatever reason, they reminded me of the dresses my mother used to force me to wear, during formal events, back home. I used to despise them, but thinking about it gave me a warm feeling. After the looting was said and done, a party broke out. As I despise the taste of alcohol, I rarely consume more than a little of it. I ended up sleeping with our chef, Bardo. Spur of the moment, but I suppose I didn’t want to wake up alone. I spent the night in the crowsnest, alongside Bardo… It’s a miracle even I fit up there, together with him.

Bardo woke up bright and early, and decided to go to do some morning exercises. I suggested jumping from the crowsnest, as he pondered how he would get down. It was only a semi-serious suggestion, but he went through with it. I spent the morning sitting on the stern playing the flute my mother gave me for my birthday, 25 years ago… Birthdays has a tendency to make me relive the memory, which is why I haven’t told anyone that it is today. I tugged my cowl, that once belonged to my father, another birthday present from my mother, and thought about the days before she left me. Tears, uncontrollable tears, washed down my face.

I sat there and contemplated what I had been doing for the past 25 years, in my search. When the witch, of all people, came to see me. I wiped my eyes before she came close enough. She asked me a peculiar thing… She asked me to sneak Kahlia onboard. That would be betraying captain Shale, not something I would ever consider… Except she pushed a very specific button… My mother. She told me she would answer a question in return. I asked her if she could find people. She said that she while she cannot, she knows someone that can. My heart raised… 25 years of nothing as much as a peep about of her, and perhaps a witch can help me find out where she went. But captain Shale…

I left to see Kahlia. I told her to come with me.


Riklurt Lurvas

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