Adventures of Lorelei of the Sea - part 4

There is a Dragon in the Eastern Sea

Lorelei lay on her back at the old dancing site, staring at the sky. Normally the stars would be clearly visible on a night like this but the Lighthouse was shining strong enough to bleach the sky with its pulsating light. She was dozing in a dream-like state, her mind wide open to the strange energies emanating from all around her, from the island itself. She could almost feel herself being rocked back and forth by the undertow from waves gently passing above her. In her mind she was lying on a bed of seaweed in a coral reef looking at the moon reflected on the surface of the sea.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the lingering aura. She investigated it with all her senses: letting the echoes of the spell rush through her, feeling them with every part of her being. It was an exhilarating feeling but the island was overwhelming and she risked losing herself forever if she let it go on for more than a moment. So she closed herself up and savored the experience, collecting herself before diving in again… and again… and again. One single thought filled her mind completely:

There is a Dragon in the Eastern Sea – I must find it.


Riklurt Lurvas

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