Adventures of Lorelei of the Sea - part 2

The death of Lombardo the Green and a terrible foreboding

The fight erupted too rapidly for Lorelei to assess the situation. The instant Lombardo ordered his men to attack Sabine vanished and Shale dove into the middle of the fray. Lorelei noticed the other officer cast a spell and countered it. A moment later the man was brutally cut down by Sabine. The fighters roared in outrage, apparently they were very attached to this man. Shale leaped up on the table and thrust his rapier in Lombardo’s back, expertly piercing his heart. Lorelei approached the dying officer, knelt by his side and cast a healing spell which brought him back from the brink of death.

“Money has dried up lads.” Shale called out
“The bitch killed Silas!” One of them yelled furiously
“I’m not dead, stand down.” The officer whose name was Silas said, coughing and sitting up

And that was the end of the battle of Lobardo’s keep.

Lovinar managed to fire a single cannon before Shale managed to call a seize fire by vigorously putting his discarded hat on. While the crew of the King’s Tithe looted the place Shale sat down in the banquet hall with Hadaris to discuss business. Kendrick, accompanied by two exotic dancers, provided a pleasant atmosphere while Shale hired Hadaris. She was to secure the Lighthouse and disrupt any attempts at reaching it made by Tatalya once she arrived. In return Shale promised her the Golden Goose – a fast trading vessel that until just recently had belonged to Lombardo the Green.

The loot was bountiful and Shale deemed it an opportune moment to celebrate their recent success. All ships were moored together, the crew got some silver, and casks of beer and rum were opened. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you might be dead.

Lorelei generously shared another bottle of vintage with Zarohno and Kendrick, engaging in pleasant conversation with the two. At some point shortly after midnight she grabbed Kendrick by the hand and led him to her cabin. Anemone trained their courtesan-artists well.

At dawn she rose quietly as to not wake Kendrick and went ashore. She sat down on the beach, letting the receding tides wash over her, and communed with her patron. As she finished her ritual she looked over at the ship and saw Serander quietly observing her. She stood up and walked over to him, suddenly overcome with an urge to simply not be alone.

She leaned over the railing next to him, close, feeling the warmth radiating from his body. They didn’t talk much, it was quite enough to just stand there. Being not alone. Lorelei looked up at the brightening sky and saw a single seagull circling above them. The blood in her veins turned to ice, then fire, and sent a shiver down her spine. Serander noticed. As if from afar she heard herself telling him. That a storm was coming. That it would not be a fight, but a competition. She shrugged it off and went for a walk on the island. Suddenly overcome by an urge to be alone.

Just as she had expected Kahlia was following her. She sat down and called her out of the bushes inviting her to a conversation. The girl had already proven herself quite capable of taking care of herself. And she was pretty. Very pretty. Lorelei made up her mind and promised she would get the girl on board the ship before they sailed off to the other Vilyani islands.

Captain Shale refused her request, insisting that it was safer and more strategic to leave the girl on the island. So Lorelei went to the ninja instead.

“If you bring the girl on board unnoticed I will answer one question.”

Sabine asked her question, and Lorelei was very surprised.


Riklurt Lurvas

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